Apocrypha is a series of cinematic photographs depicting an apocalyptic alternative reality. Each photograph represents a different narrative, but they all take place in the same apocalyptic world. In this world, an unknown event has left humanity in ruin. The source of the violence and destruction is never seen. The human reaction to this apocalypse is the focus.
At the core of the series are the four horsemen from the book of Revelation. These four images are modern interpretations of biblical characters. The descriptions and signifiers from Revelation are placed into a contemporary world where War is a lawyer, Famine is a butcher, the Antichrist is a Hollywood starlet and Death is a pandemic.

The rest of the series features a variety of characters dealing with the destruction and chaos of this apocalyptic world. The extreme shadows and highlights as well as the theatrical gesturing in these photographs is inspired by the painting style of Baroque artists Caravaggio and Rembrandt. These techniques add intensity to the subject matter and give the photographs a cinematic feel.
The biblical titles and characters are used to increase the scope of the photographs and give them the mythical, epic quality that Hollywood often associates with biblical stories. The contemporary setting brings this epic quality back home to the viewer.

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