Quick Song

I put together a short song using my OP-1 keyboard and my Pocket Operators.

Emmy Awards

LA area Emmy awards were given out yesterday. I received an Emmy for Lost LA for KCET. Jordan Wayne Long, my business partner at HCT.media  (and co-director on these projects) received an Emmy for  Fallujah: Art, Healing and PTSD. Awesome.


For the last month and a half, I was in Scotland working on a film. On the very rare occasion that I had any time off, I made a few tiny OP-1 Songs. 6115

Making Rain

Rain is done! Rain is a short film I've been wanting to make for the last 5 years. This is a four-part behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Rain" over the last 9 months. I'll keep you updated as to when and where the film can be seen.

OP-1 song and video

I bought an OP-1 a few months back and have been making tiny songs almost every night since then. This is a song I made a few days ago, and I decided to make a video to go along with it to show off the great design and displays of the OP-1.
Fallujah Score

Fallujah Score

Here's the score I composed for the one hour documentary Fallujah: Art, Healing and PTSD. It was nice to be a bit more subtle for the majority of the score as I have a tendency to go over the top (Dropping Mortars). Special thanks to Dave Chisholm for playing trumpet on the "Arts Awaken" track.

Performing Songs

The last sunday of every month, I usually play drums inbetween acts at EffinFunny's "Effin4Charity" comedy show. This past weekend, I tried something new. Using my computer, a launchpad and my padKontrol, I experimented with playing some of my OP-1 songs live. I recorded it using my gopro. Have a go. For future shows, I'd like to incorporate a bit…


I was asked to write a short song for part of the "10 Cloverfield Lane" viral advertising campaign. I gave them a few options and they are as follows: In the end, they went with "bit 3"

Off The Air

Over Thanksgiving, Jordan Long, David Lewandowski and I rode around Los Angeles on Onewheels wearing ghillie suits. The footage was used in the latest episode of "Off The Air" on Adult Swim. If you look closely, you can see me fall on my face at one point.