Mountain People

Mountain People

This song was recently used on an episode of Half Cut Tea. I tried to limit the number of instruments I used since I often go crazy and end up with 40+. By comparison, this song is pretty bare. It contains a string quartet, a piano, concertina and a percussionist.

a trip to New Mexico

Jordan and I recently took a trip to New Mexico to lecture at New Mexico State University and have crits with their grad students. It's was a lot of fun. This video is just a compilation of some random footage I shot while we were there.
Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco

    My friend Dallon got me a Photo pass for Panic! At The Disco's recent show at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I decided to goof around a bit with a nice, wide, cinematic aspect ratio, some silhouettes and weird colors. Here's what happened: Thanks for stopping by.


Trunk is another improvised, comedy "Mockumentary" short by Jordan Long and me. This one is about a gentleman and his new ride-sharing business. It was incredibly hot outside, and I can't see without my glasses on. This made driving around very difficult and dangerous for pedestrians.

The Man Who Became A Starbucks

Jordan Long and I are now contributing our strange "mockumentary" videos to EffinFunny. A comedy channel created by Sandeep Parikh In our latest "episode"  The Man Who Became A Starbucks, we present the story of a man who, after an accident in a lab, the Google Maps satellites mistake for a Starbucks. His life is changed forever. Thanks to Sean Davis…

A trip to Utah

I took a trip to Utah last week to help my parents move out of their house. I had to pack up and downsize all my childhood junk. It was quite a process. For some reason, I used to think it was a good idea to save all my old water bottle caps in a plastic walmart bag. I guess I…