A few weeks back, we began filming a few select scenes for a short film called "Rain." It's a story I've been knocking around for five years but never had the resources/ability to make it on my own. Thankfully, I now know people with amazing skills to collaborate with on this project. Jordan Long and Mark Jones built the sets…


The other day, David Lewandowski took Jordan Long and me to a college campus in the middle of the night to test out his Onewheel. This is what happened.
No Budget Film Festival

No Budget Film Festival

Two of the films I've made with Jordan Long are showing at this years No Budget Film Festival. This year, the festival screening will be on October 18th, 2015 atĀ Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles, CA.
National Puppetry Festival

National Puppetry Festival

The music video/short film The History of Asteroids and the Advancement of Science will be screening at the National Puppetry Festival this Friday. Jordan Long and I worked on this video on and off over the last few months. It will be released online shortly.
Imperial Mammoth remix

Imperial Mammoth remix

I made a orchestral-ish remix of the song "Light Up My Life" by Imperial Mammoth. I removed all the original instruments (except the vocals, of course) and added all new ones. Why? Why not?

Drone Practice

After some firmware and calibration issues, Jordan Long and I took the quadcopter out for a few test runs ... still having a few issues, but we're working them out.

The Kitchen Song

I made a song out of my kitchen. Back when I first started trying to make my own music, I'd always record and use my own samples from around my house or at school. This is a sort of throw back to that type of thing.


This is a montage of my day on March 29th, 2014 I performed a short lecture/comedy/music thing at Sandeep Parikh and Effinfunny's "Whatever I Effin Want Show 3". at Cowboys & Turbans in Los Angeles, California. The music in this video is a song I wrote for my performance featuring a sample from the Mr. Belvedere theme song.


Yesterday was my birthday. I brought my GoPro everywhere and made a montage of my birthday activities. The music is from an Akai Rhythm Wolf analog drum machine and bass synthesizer that my brother gave me for my birthday.

The Killer

Sometimes accidents happen and you've got to bury your friend in the desert. Here's the latest Effinfunny JAMS video. This was filmed before Good Morning back in December. I learned very quickly that directing AND acting at the same time is very difficult. Starring: Matt Glass & Jordan Long & Adam Catino Directed & Written & Cut & Music Composed…