Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco

    My friend Dallon got me a Photo pass for Panic! At The Disco's recent show at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I decided to goof around a bit with a nice, wide, cinematic aspect ratio, some silhouettes and weird colors. Here's what happened: Thanks for stopping by.


Trunk is another improvised, comedy "Mockumentary" short by Jordan Long and me. This one is about a gentleman and his new ride-sharing business. It was incredibly hot outside, and I can't see without my glasses on. This made driving around very difficult and dangerous for pedestrians.

The Man Who Became A Starbucks

Jordan Long and I are now contributing our strange "mockumentary" videos to EffinFunny. A comedy channel created by Sandeep Parikh In our latest "episode"  The Man Who Became A Starbucks, we present the story of a man who, after an accident in a lab, the Google Maps satellites mistake for a Starbucks. His life is changed forever. Thanks to Sean Davis…

A trip to Utah

I took a trip to Utah last week to help my parents move out of their house. I had to pack up and downsize all my childhood junk. It was quite a process. For some reason, I used to think it was a good idea to save all my old water bottle caps in a plastic walmart bag. I guess I…
Imperial Mammoth

Imperial Mammoth

Over the last few months, I've been working with Imperial Mammoth to prepare for the release of their new album "Gold Confetti." The album cover image was taken in front of a wall of wolf skulls dug out of the La Brea tar pits. Along with designing the album cover, I also made a few promo images, T-shirts, laid out…

Making Fifty-Five Fires

A few months back, Leonard and Laura of Imperial Mammoth approached me about doing a music video for a song on their upcoming album. They had seen my Citadel short film and didn't want to hit me or lock me up, so we were off to a good start. They wanted me to do a music video using my puppets.…