Blank Sign


A short animated film about the most important elements in art and food.
Originally, I was hoping to do all of the driving scenes without the use of computers. I built the two cars out of cardboard and construction paper. The wheels are water bottle caps. After finishing one shot, I realized I didn’t have the room, resources or skill to do it that way. After pitying myself for at least a half hour, I decided to create the remaining scenes with the aid of Photoshop and After Effects. I scanned every angle of the car into the computer using magic and rebuilt it in After Effects.

The short takes places at night during a rain storm, so going crazy over the background detail would have been a waste, so I saved my craziness for other things. I scanned the road and green paper grass from my earlier physical attempt and put together the scenery on which the rest of the video takes place. Then I placed the cars on the road and started making “Vroom!” noises with my mouth. Things were moving along nicely. For the people in the video, I photographed my friends standing in several odd and incriminating positions. I took them into photo shop and digitally chopped off their head and limbs. I’m a digital madman.

I reassembled them in After Effects and placed them in the scene.
The voices of the characters were done by me in the middle of the night. I was loud and obnoxious and am very disappointed in myself, but I got the job done without hurting anyone and that’s what’s important. I hope to one day to replace the current soundtrack with music of my own creation, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not. Only time will tell and time aint sayin’ a thing.
Oh yeah and here’s a cell phone I made.

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