Erin Lamont

filmed by
Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long
interviewed by
Jordan Wayne Long
music and editing by
Matt Glass
additional footage:
38th Annual People’s Choice Awards
SPIKE’s 2010 Video Game Awards
Garret Curtis’s Unreleased Superhumanoids Video
Erin Lamont is a choreographer from Detroit who now lives/works in L.A.

 In 2010, after seeing a terrible Burlesque show at a bar, she called up the owner, lied, and created her Burlesque team “The Lalas”. She’s blunt and honest because she doesn’t have time for anything else besides her work and family. She’s absolutely determined to succeed and pushes and pushes until the doors open and she can get her girls inside, whether that’s a bar in L.A. or a no name casino somewhere in the midwest.

*mature content


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