vlcsnap-2015-11-12-14h47m52s152A few weeks back, we began filming a few select scenes for a short film called “Rain.” It’s a story I’ve been knocking around for five years but never had the resources/ability to make it on my own. Thankfully, I now know people with amazing skills to collaborate with on this project.

Jordan Long and Mark Jones built the sets in our small patio area. Lex Rudd built the puppets in the woods of northern California and 20151101_184801overnighted them to us just in time. Amanda Maddock puppeteered all the characters in the freezing cold  (with some assistance from Alex Griffin on one of the days) while sitting on the ground or while hidden underneath holes in the set. Everything turned out better than I could have imagined.

Originally, we were just going to do a few scenes to see how it turned out. We’ve since decided to complete the entire film and will begin production in a few weeks.

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